HomeFlex Construction Corp. has been specializing in Masonry projects for the last 25 years. Masonry specialties include brick pointing, brick laying and brick aligning. These extend to creating new steps, changing the face of your house or creating new structural walls. Explore the enchanting world of concrete craftsmanship by browsing through our gallery below.



With Over 25 Years of Experience, We specialize in the following Property Renovations

Our expertise lies in concrete excavation and installations, catering to projects of all sizes, whether extensive or a small patch-up job.

Concrete, like any other building material, is susceptible to deterioration caused by weather conditions and usage over time. The longevity of your concrete depends on its type. At Homeflex, we strive to align the concrete type with your property’s specific needs.

Our goal is to maximize the utility of your sidewalk, preventing any potential DOB sidewalk violations.

Our concrete Services

Concrete Contractors

Concrete Driveway

Concrete Patio

Concrete Installation



A typical excavation of an old and dangerous concrete sidewalk compared to the newly installed sidewalk.

Other Projects Completed

The following sidewalk projects are some completed projects which differ in their requirements. The picture on the left shows a sidewalk installed with a unique design layout. The middle picture shows a large scale sidewalk installation in front of a high rise building. The picture on the right was a smaller project completed in front a residential property in which a DOB violation was removed.