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Homeflex Corp. is a top construction and engineering firm that delivers exceptional projects in North America. Our expert team takes on challenging projects of all sizes, building bridges, converting rivers to energy and boring tunnels through mountains. We provide innovative solutions that meet unique project needs. Whether your project requires complete design-build services or value engineering, Homeflex Corp. is always ready to help you achieve your vision of success.

Homeflex Corp. safety performance is nearly 10 times better than the industry average.

Safety First

At Homeflex Corp, safety is our top priority. With a skilled workforce at all levels of our operations, we ensure the safety and health of all employees, customers, and communities. We deliver successful projects that meet client expectations through our commitment to excellence in quality, environmental protection, and compliance performance. Our industry reputation is strong, and clients trust us to provide safe and high-quality services.

Who We Are


HomeFlex Construction Corp. has been serving the greater NYC area for the last 25 years! We have completed projects in every neighborhood, and that experience flows onto the customer to determine what renovation your property needs.

We began by servicing residential projects to cater to the individual customer, and through the years we have extended our services through commercial properties as well. With over a 1000+ projects completed, many references are available for various sorts of renovations.

Our top priority is to provide excellent customer service, we want to ensure your property gets the proper renovation it needs. We emphasize a full attention to detail to make the renovation process as hassle free as possible. Our goal is to help build a greater NYC, by building great customer relations!

Home Construction - The Stages of Building a Home
Our Skills

A Legacy Built on Trust

Our legacy is based on trust, built through effort, dedication, and a commitment to excellence developed over many years. Our customized solutions meet the unique needs of every client, using our highly developed skills. We scale each solution, remaining innovative and cost-effective.

City Building
Hotels Building
Apartment Building
Industry Building
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We care for the well-being of our people and help them grow in their ability to be successful.


We conduct our business to the highest ethical standards and take responsibility for our actions.


We commit to excellence in all we do with a focus on quality and continuous improvement.


We preserve Kiewit’s unique culture to build a stronger organization for future generations of employees.

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2907 Avenue Z,
Brooklyn, NY 11235


(718) 758-4166

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